Portfolio Review Night 2019

An annual networking event for new grads in design, illustration, and advertising.

The Event

I think most creatives can relate to being a little lost at the start of their careers - not knowing what agencies or studios exist, who's doing what work, or even where to ask for help, it can be very overwhelming.

Thinking on my own experiences, I decided I could help people by running the kind of networking event I wished I'd had. Hence, Portfolio Review Night was born in 2014. Since that first year, I've helped hundreds of students and introduced them to dozens of talented working professionaIs in the Toronto industry.

I organize and run PRN by myself, with volunteers and a couple hired vendors on the day of.



Portfolio Review Night is a mouthful, so I wanted to create a logo that would be simple and concise visually. The acronym PRN isn't clear enough by itself, so I had to use the full name, even though it's long.

Ultimately I settled on a book motif. Though today's design portfolios are almost exclusively digital, I wanted to reference the history of portfolios and the french linguistic roots of the word "portfolio" (from "port" and "feuille", meaning "carry sheets of paper").


Design 2019

I based my design this year on my observations from past years and what students said to me directly at events: that the event gave them a lot more confidence, how helpful networking in this manner is, and how excited they were to be starting something new.

I wrote a series of phrases that were bold and energetic - I wanted to capture the electricity behind the early job hunt and encourage that energy - while also being relatable, with a very "we've been there, we can help" attitude.

The visuals and typography paired with it - the bright colour gradients, stars, and heavy, condensed fonts - amplify the excitement and energy of the copy. For all the stress and uncertainty, starting your career is an exciting time. Even if you've been working in the industry for years, that electrifying "anything could happen" feeling never fully disppears. Eager young creatives are among kindred spirits at Portfolio Review Night.



I created a series of social posts and social ads to promote the event. Leveraging my design system, I included photos from previous years to show what it'd be like for students to meet reviewers, and establish a friendly, upbeat tone; this event isn't intimidating.


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Branding & Identity
Art Direction
Web Design
Editorial Design
On-set direction

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Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design
OCAD University, 2011.

Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite & Sketch.
Skilled in HTML & CSS coding.
Familiar with animation (Photoshop) and AODA requirements for print and web.

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Margot holds dual citizenship in both Canada and the United Kingdom and is legally eligible for work in both countries. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Senior Designer, Office/Bureau
Art Director, H+K Strategies
Teacher (Art Direction), Toronto Film School
Art Director, Publicis
Art Director, Juniper Park\TBWA
Designer, Critical Mass
Web Designer, Indigo Books & Music
Lead Designer, Blue Ant Media
Designer, WIND Mobile