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Look Out for Powerlines

Art Direction

Client: Electrical Safety Authority
Agency: Hill + Knowlton 
My Role: Art Director
Team: Myself, copywriter, CD for approvals
Production: Cylinder Sound & Film

Powerlines are a serious safety hazard for everybody, especially when using tools or vehicles that could come into contact with a powerline. Contrary to popular assumption, powerlines aren't insulated and contact with one - either directly or by touching something that can conduct electricity - is deadly. It's especially important to be aware of nearby powerlines when working either on a construction site (like when in a cherry picker or with a raised truck bed) or working at home (like using a ladder to trim a tree or clean eavestroughs).

The concept was "distractions can be deadly" - we wanted to show how every day, mundane activities can lead to a quick death if people don't keep the proper distance from powerlines. Something extraordinary doesn't have to happen for a powerline to pose a threat.

We created four spots to address two audiences who are at risk of coming in contact with powerlines: construction workers and homeowners, and to address one scenario of downed powerlines.






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