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Art Direction, Web Design, Graphic Design

Client: Canada Post
Agency: Publicis
My Role: Art Director
Team: Myself, copywriter CD

Canada Post asked us to create a campaign to promote their new relationship with PayPal. The partnership meant that small business owners could more easily use PayPal's and Canada Post's payment and shipping tools together.

We were tasked with creating a hero video, a landing page with all the details, and various digital and print ads.


My copywriter and I came up with the concept of three different business owners receiving an order, creating their product, and shipping it out using PayPal and Canada Post's system. Illustrating the environments of three different kinds of businesses allowed us to create a video that spoke to a wide range of small business owners, rather than people in just one industry or niche.

Fun fact: My hands are the ones handling the jewelry, and I made a lot of the jewelry used in this video.

A simple wordmark tied all the creative together.


The creative allowed us to create a large set of digital and print ads, since we could use images of each of the three business owners and keep any repitition across ads to a minimum. This also allowed for some A/B testing.


I designed a landing page on Canada Post's website that held all the information about the new services and how people could use them.

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