Art Direction, Web Design & Coding, Branding, Package Design, Photography

Strange Flora

Strange Flora is a jewelry and accessories brand from Toronto, Canada. I created the identity, some supplemental graphics and packaging, designed and developed the website, did all the product photography and worked on table displays.

The company defines itself by its unusual and unique jewelry designs which feature natural stones. The branding had to appear high end but also appear friendly and accessible, keeping in mind the handmade nature of its products.

The colours were kept simple, with white being the primary colour and shades of light green and some black used for contrast. This is mirrored in the table displays where a white table cloth is used, to keep the table looking clean, elegant and help the small details of the pieces stand out. In the packaging a pearlescent paper was used to give an additional sense of luxury. A simple pattern - an abstract illustration of grass - was created for additional visual embellishment and further branding.

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