Art Direction, Web Design & Coding, Infographic Design, Logo Design


OMG SPACE was created to show people what we've managed to accomplish in space exploration and communicate how impressive it is in simple terms. Through the use of infographics that simply and clearly illustrate and condense a lot of information, people can easily take a brief look at one infographic and grasp the sheer quantity of work we've done and then glean details about specific missions once they look closer. This easy to understand approach is intended to serve as an introduction to the field, with the hope people would be more interested in space exploration news in the future. The OMG SPACE name is exciting and deliberately contemporary to communicate that this is ongoing, modern work and to interest younger audiences.

The print infographics were just one half of OMG SPACE. There is also a website, I used the web and the lack of limitations on dimensions in web design to my advantage and illustrated the true scale of our solar system. The images of all the planets and the distances between them are completely to scale, and there are links at the bottom of the page to take each visitor to whichever planet they choose, as scrolling would take incredibly long. I also included the asteroid belt and the heliosphere for the sake of accuracy and orientation, which are also placed correctly and sized to scale.

In 2014, the Moon infographics from OMG SPACE were published in Taschen's Understanding the World, "The Atlas of Infographics". Prints of the infographics are available on Society6.