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Toronto Design Directory

The Toronto Design Directory is a list of design studios, ad agencies and digital shops in the City of Toronto. I created this because I wanted a resource for information about the Toronto design scene and as a new grad a the time I was frustrated and didn't know where to look for work or meet other designers. This website was the solution to a problem that myself and many designers new to working in Toronto had, and over the years a lot of people have told me how much it's helped them.

I researched and compiled this list myself, listing the name of each shop, the year founded, the (rough) number of employees, the type of work they do (broadly speaking) and the street address. I promote events and the work posted to the Showcase via social media and the monthly newsletter, in which I also include a list of jobs. There are two annual events that I run under the TDD, Swash & Serif, a typography and lettering show which has been going since 2014, and Portfolio Review Night, which I've been running since 2016. With all the events that I run, I create a lot of associated design work (posters, ads, print ephemera)and I make sure that there is always a design opportunity in it for me, so I don't simply become an event planner.

A design show about business card design and how they're still relevant to creatives today.
Work on display at Analog Contact.
Work on display at Analog Contact.
People could grab boxes at Analog Contact to collect their favourite business cards.
Local design professionals and students come together to talk about their careers and portfolios.
Note cards for students at Portfolio Review Night 2017, and reviewers receiving their thank you gifts.
Students having their work reviewed and attending a discussion panel of design professionals.
Swash & Serif is a typography and lettering show that has been running for the past four years.
The window display for Swash & Serif 3 and work on the walls of the gallery inside.
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