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The Toronto Design Directory (TDD) is a list of design studios, ad agencies and digital shops in the City of Toronto. I researched and compiled this list myself, listing the name of each shop, the year founded, the (rough) number of employees, the type of work they do (broadly speaking) and the street address. I also compiled a list of design-oriented resources either found within Toronto or based in Toronto but also found throughout Canada or the rest of the world. I created this because I wanted a resource, a one-stop website, for information about the Toronto design scene and couldn't find it anywhere else. I also operate a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account to promote events and the work posted to the Showcase. In the past, the through the TDD I have organized and run various events, including Swash & Serif and the TDD Portfolio Review Night. I designed, coded and maintain the website myself.
The TDD Showcase is a curated gallery of creatives located in Toronto and the GTA specifically. While the directory itself focuses primarily on design studios, I wanted to bring attention to individuals doing great work as well.
In 2014 I took all the data I had so far gathered and created an infographic map of Toronto design studios and agencies. It revealed some interesting patterns in where agencies tend to gather, and communicated how many of what kind of studios there are (design, advertising, digital or some combination).
I coded the website to be fully responsive and work on all devices and different resolutions.
I run a few events through the TDD, including a regular Portfolio Review Night.
I painted the texture used in the background with watercolours and edited it in Photoshop. I wanted something more visually interesting than a solid colour but not as distracting as a pattern. Painting by hand allowed me to work out a few ideas first and create something organic and unique.

I maintain a couple social media accounts to help connect to people, promote events and work posted to the Showcase.
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