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#margotsdailypattern is a hashtag under which I post one pattern a day. I didn't set any particular parameters around the project other than I had to contribute daily, but it happened that every pattern I created was done by hand, with watercolours, inks, pencils, pens, hand-carved stamps and other analog materials. My subject matter and inspiration are entirely open, but I tend to lean more abstract. I started my first year on August 17, 2015, and wrapped up after 366 days (2016 being a leap year). On October 5, 2016 I started my second year of this project.

The below is a curated selection of some of my patterns.

A handful of stamps I carved out of lino for this project.
I often have to sketch out my idea in order to get the grid right first. Other times I try to come up with a different grid entirely.
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