Margot Trudell — Design & Art Direction

Indigo Books & Music

During my time at Indigo I worked as a web designer, creating mock ups and working with wireframes for various different pages, products and features. I worked closely with the ACD and CD, as well as the UX designers and developers to create and implement changes and new features to the website. My knowledge of the web and front-end development work aided in my work as I was able to design to the needs of the web and the developers I collaborated with. During my time there I completed and was involved in a number of projects; a select few are below.
I re-designed the cart page, applying a 12-column grid, reorganizing all the content and including a PayPal button.
I made numerous updates to the item pages, including adding social media icons, item stock messaging, and store locator information - custom icon desing as a part of this.
The UX team and I worked together to create many forms such as this one, and I worked with others to ensure email sharing met CASL legislation requirements.
I worked on the re-design of the customer reviews, applying the gen merch, kids and baby themes and working with the UX team to ensure an intelligent and pleasant user experience.
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